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Rent - Dewatering & Self Priming Pumps &accesories

CD103 M

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Dewatering & Self Priming Pumps &accesories CD103 M

The Godwin Dri-Prime 100mm CD103M automatic priming centrifugal pump is a highly maneuverable portable trash pump with flow capabilities to 833 Imperial GPM, total dynamic heads to 52 meters and solids handling to 75mm  in diameter.

The unique Godwin venturi air evacuation system allows the CD103M to prime from dry conditions with suction lifts up to 8.5 meters. Perfect in intermittent flow situations,the CD103M can run dry indefinitely without damage due to the oil bath mechanical seal design.
For sewage handling, dewatering, municipal usage, and many other applications, the Godwin CD103M with 100mm hoses is a powerful, yet versatile and portable pumping system.

  Max. Capacity (MC /h) 190 @ 20 m head
  Max Head (m) 53
  Solid Handling (mm) 75
  Weight (Kg) 1.097
  Dimensions L x W x H (m) 3,50 x 1,57 x 2,10
  Fuel Tank Capacity (l) 168
  Fuel Consumption 100% Load (l/h) 5,41
  Powered Diesel

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Dewatering & Self Priming Pumps &accesories
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