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Rent - Dewatering & Self Priming Pumps &accesories


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Dewatering & Self Priming Pumps &accesories CD150M

The Godwin Dri-Prime 150mm CD150M automatic priming centrifugal pump is clearly the backbone of the temporary portable pumping industry. With solids-handling to 75mm in diameter, maximum flows of 107.3 l/sec. and 48.8M of total dynamic head, and indefinite dry-running capabilities, the CD150M can be found in a wide variety of applications from straight dewatering to sewage bypassing. Mounted on a highway trailer, the CD150M is the most maneuverable and versatile portable pumping system available, making it a favorite of contractors, municipalities, industry and environmental companies across the country.

  Max. Capacity (MC /h) 350 @ 10 m head
  Max Head (m) 48
  Solid Handling (mm) 65
  Weight (Kg) 1.097
  Dimensions L x W x H (m) 1,60 x 1,10 x 1,44
  Fuel Tank Capacity (l) 168
  Fuel Consumption 100% Load (l/h) 4,99
  Powered Diesel

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Dewatering & Self Priming Pumps &accesories
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