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Rent - Portable Lighting Towers


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Portable Lighting Towers QLT H50

Features & benefits

Easy Operation The QLT H50 allows all four lamps to be started individually in order to avoid alternator excitation system failure. The pule and pause ballast technology prevents filament damage and prolongs the lamps lifetime.

High Productivity- The fuel tank provides up to 60 hours of uninterrupted operation. The Lc 1003 controller comes with a weekly timer which allows up to 8 lighting events.

High Efficiency – It’s metal halide lamps are one of the most efficient way of turning electrical energy into light on the market. Coupled with this, the external filing point ensures faster refuelling.

Quick and safe installation -Only seconds are required for the QLT H50 mast to extend to its maximum height of 9m and to rotate 340°

Sturdy –The heavy-duty galvanized steel canopy provided resistance for 720 hours during our salt spray test.

Safety – The QLT H50 engine starts without any contact with the machine itself. The vehicles mast can withstand up to 80km/h winds due to the four stabilizers located on the product. Due to this feature the product was awarded a safety yield factor of 5.
  Maximum Height (m) 9
  Floodlights 4
  Iluminated areas 3600
  Fuel Diesel
  Dimensions L x W x H (m) 3.20 x 1.30 x 2.31
  Weight (kg) 1235

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Portable Lighting Towers
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