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Power Generators & accessories U63B//(3)0321-401

The new U 32B and U 63B outlet socket centres are designed to provide space for multiple circuit breakers and earth fault breakers.
This allows a number of earth fault breakers to be fitted for each outlet socket. For example, 30 mA per 32A outlet socket.
It is easy to check or replace circuit breakers or earth fault breakers without removing the insert.
The hinges and doors have been strengthened.
The U 63B can easily be fitted (over and above the standard outlet
sockets) with 3 additional CEE 216 outlet sockets.


Plenty of module positions.
• Strong hinge construction.
• Reinforced door.
• Easy to take out inserts.
• Easy to replace circuit breakers and earth fault breakers without having to
remove the whole insert.
• The U 63 B can be fitted with 3 CEE 216 outlet sockets in addition to
standard fitting.

RENT U63B//(3)0321-401

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